Why your well-being should matter to your employer

It’s a new year, and a great time to evaluate your career. To start, ask yourself one simple question: Is my employer investing in me?

Believe it or not, you are worth the time, commitment, and training it takes to maintain quality talent.

In short, your well-being matters – and your organization should recognize it. Here are some signs that your company is on the right track:

  1. Healthy habits – A sick employee isn’t good for much else, so a company would be wise to put time and money into a health plan that works for everyone. But this goes beyond insurance and includes options such as:
  • Rewards for healthy choices, like gym visits or participation in a team sport.
  • Providing an annual executive health exam.
  • HSA options that allow employees to save for future healthcare expenses
  • Paid time off that leaves room for a variety of needs.
  • Family leave benefits that reflect current industry standards.
  1. Innovation – Now more than ever, many industries are spending a great deal of time and money staying current. A company with an eye on the future will direct these efforts to its employees through the following:
  • Ongoing career training with an emphasis on future trends.
  • Advanced education options for interested individuals.
  • A willingness to embrace new technology.
  • Equipping employees to effectively utilize new programs or processes.
  • Provide ongoing, capable tech support.
  1. Support – An organization that recognizes the value and potential of its own employees is on the path to success. The following means yours is among them:
  • Competitive pay scale that follows industry trends.
  • A helpful HR department that promotes a healthy workplace culture.
  • Organized time for teambuilding and connectivity at all levels.
  • A positive environment that supports individual career growth.
  • Willingness to addresses and adjust to social change.

Maintaining a successful organization in today’s market is impossible without quality employees. Is your company spending time and money to invest in you? If not, perhaps its time to find one that will.

Mulling Corporation