Coronavirus Emergency Toolkit

Is your Business Prepared for Covid-19? Let us help.

Time is Not on Your Side

The spread of COVID-19 is challenging for many small and medium-sized companies across the country. Most companies do not have an emergency plan, and even those that do have a plan may not be sure how to address the unique issues this worldwide pandemic has created. It is critical for an employer to not only appear concerned about their employees’ well being but will they be able to keep the company operable in order to continue paying their employees. So how will you navigate through this crisis now, if the emergency extends more than a few weeks, and after the virus aftermath?

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Our Proposition

Mulling Corporation has assisted companies of all sizes in solving their critical Human Resources issues for more than 36 years. We have specialists in this area of Human Resources who can immediately guide you through your challenges with this international emergency.

What is in Your Covid-19 HR Resource Center

Mulling-HR offers you this Emergency Resource Center that will guide you through this health and business crisis.

 A Human Resources Policy Template. This resource can be adapted for your specific business to guide your decision making.

20+ Frequently Asked HR-Related Questions such as “How can I fairly compensate my employees during this crisis.”

10+ Pages Of Frequently Asked Legal Questions From The Premier National Employment and Labor Law Firm. Including questions such as “How do I handle situations when an employee cannot come to work when they are sick, quarantined, or forced to stay home because kids are out of school.”

15 Minutes Of Free, In Depth Consultation With A Senior Level HR Consultant. We are available to discuss your company’s specific issues and plans. More time is available for a fee, if needed.

Access To Updated Information for each state from the best sources in the world. Provided by The CDC And Experts On Government Legislation Translation And Implementation.

 Bonus: Guidance On Rebuilding Your Company’s Morale And Culture.  We will help you with what you should consider for your employees after the virus. The workplace after Covid-19 will not be the same.

Time is not on your side. Prepare now to reopen your business safely.

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