Challenges as the Pandemic Drags on

By May 26, 2020 August 17th, 2020 COVID-19

Lately our public figures have observed that this pandemic may be peaking, leveling off, or improving in some areas of the country more than others. This is not only confusing to the public, but it also confirms that we as employers really do not know when we can open for business again and bring our teams back to work. There have been several stages in this pandemic, the likes of which the US business community has never seen before. I’ll list several stages in this crisis that are important to review because these will help us to learn how to move forward after this global tragedy.


When the US population first heard of this pandemic and it started rapidly spreading across the globe within a few days, panic understandably set in. We feared the unknown health risks and what would happen to the US economy.


After being required to stay at home for several weeks, we all became weary of not being able to live our normal lives. Now that we have been told the sequestering is extending into May, we have turned boredom into frustration.


The US population had to be educated on the proper precautions to take to control the pandemic, including drastic measures such as being sequestered in our homes for weeks on end. So, we reacted with concern and seriousness.

Over Confidence

When we are allowed to return to our work and leave our homes to socialize and actually eat in restaurants, there is a real likelihood that the virus will spread again. Each of us should use as much appropriate caution as most of us used when we were sequestered.

So — we should look forward to the decline of this deadly virus. We should work hard in our jobs to make our companies successful again. But as a leader in your company, you should approach this return to our normal lives with caution — and encourage your employees to do the same. We don’t want or need a relapse.

Author: Emory Mulling

Emory Mulling is a nationally recognized HR Consultant and Executive Coaching expert. As Founder and Chairman for the Mulling Corporation, the Mulling family of businesses is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The firm was founded in 1986 and is a leader in HR consulting for small, medium and large companies.

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