It’s that time of year again – the holidays are behind us and it’s back to the daily grind. You may welcome the return to normalcy, but many people find it hard to leave the break behind and carry on with business as usual. This can lead to depression, loss of productivity, and even physical illness.

So if you’re feeling down in the dumps, try the following tips:

  1. Get moving. For a majority of the country, winter weather makes it even harder to rise early and head into the office. A boost of endorphins can do wonders to combat the desire to stay under the covers. Maybe even try out a new sport or class for added motivation.
  2. Make time for fun. The holidays are full of festivities that can make January seem boring in comparison. So make plans for some fun. Invite friends to dinner or go see a concert. Your first week back to work, go out to lunch with coworkers. This can help you ease into a more normal routine.
  3. Get your Zzzs. Over the holidays it can be easy to slip into a routine of overeating, drinking too much, and staying up too late. But when you return to work, be sure to adjust your habits. Go to bed early and plan a more sensible diet. Not only will this keep you healthy, it will make your morning commute more bearable and set you up for a better day.
  4. Practice thankfulness. Sometimes all you need is a little perspective, so try and focus on what you’re thankful for. Chances are your career is among them. Remembering this simple fact can work wonders on your outlook. In fact, make gratitude a regular practice throughout the year ahead. Each day is a gift, so treat it as such, and enjoy what’s to come.
  5. Go with the flow. It can be easy to start filling your calendar in an attempt to get over the back to work blues. But try not to over plan. Leave room in your schedule for spontaneous outings or much needed down time. A new year is a fresh slate and leaving some of it open for surprises is good for the soul.

While setting that early morning alarm may have you down, try the above to ease the transition both this week and in the months to come. This way, your 2018 will be healthier, happier, and one to remember.

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