Chances are you’re busy clearing out your inbox and wrapping up last minute tasks so you can take some time away from work next week. But will you make the most of your holiday break? Just because you’re away from the office, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a chance to relax. In the time between festivities, it can be tempting to periodically check your email, or get a leg up on your portion of a project slated for the New Year.

But what if you hit pause over the next few days and try something different? Here are 4 ideas that can help you enjoy your time off and head back to work refreshed and ready for the year ahead:

1. Get off the grid – As long as your job permits, try and take a true break from work responsibilities. Set auto responders on your email accounts and suspend push notifications. If you work remotely, close the door to your home office and put away your work computer. Make the holidays a time to reconnect with loved ones.

2. Practice moderation – Invitations are never more abundant than at the holidays, from gatherings with close friends to swanky shindigs – and that’s just the parties. There’s also baking, gift giving, and opportunities galore to donate your time and talents to worthy causes. But you can’t do it all. Make sure to leave room for quiet times at home, avoiding over-stretching yourself – so you’ll truly feel recharged when you return to work.

3. Be well – Don’t neglect your health just because the opportunity presents itself. With all the seasonal fun, it can be easy to get less sleep and put your own well being last on your to-do list. Use the time away from work to sleep in, or get outside in the fresh air. In addition, don’t let the perpetual buffet of holiday treats and festive drinks get the better of you. Practicing moderation over the break will leave both you and your body healthy and rested for the New Year.

4. Have fun – Use the break to try something outside your normal routine. Have an 80’s movie marathon by the fire, or purchase tickets to a community event that sounds fun, but typically you wouldn’t be able to make the time to attend. It’s one of the rare times when most everyone is off at the same time, so making spontaneous plans for adventures with friends, or even a well-planned vacation with those you love, is much easier to pull off.

Sure, the holiday season can be busy, but your holiday break doesn’t have to be. Slow down, reconnect, and enjoy time away from the usual so you can start the New Year off right. From all of us at Mulling Corporation, Happy Holidays!

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