War On Talent

I have good news and bad news. The good news is, the economy is growing, and with it the number of jobs is increasing. Now for the bad news… there’s a growing shortage of qualified people to fill those jobs. This is one of the most urgent challenges in the workplace today, with employers vying for the best candidates.

Are you looking for new talent? Before you do, there’s an underlying question at hand that must be answered: What is the reputation of your company?

A company’s reputation is similar to that of a person’s – people talk, and word can spread quickly when things aren’t up to par at a certain employer. So what’s the word? Is your company a good company to work for?

If your company doesn’t have a good reputation, you won’t win the war on talent.

Ready to give your company’s reputation a boost? Try these tips:

Contribute:  Make sure your organization is part of the social and economic growth of your community. A company with a feel good story who cares about what’s going on outside its doors is attractive to potential hires.

Innovate: Learn about and add to the growth of your industry. Be a leader by moving forward with the latest advancements. After all, your industry’s success is your success.

Network: No matter where you stand, networking never ends. Continue to cultivate positive relationships in your community through a variety of avenues for ongoing success.

Recognize: Value and support employees who build up the culture of your company. They serve as your ambassadors to customers, potential clients, and the community.

The growing shortage of talent in the workforce today is cause for concern for both small and large companies alike. Bolster your company’s reputation and attract the best.

Watch me further discuss the war on talent here.

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