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With more then 36 years of experience and over 20 Assessment Tools including our own, The Mulling Factor, we identify talent to help individuals leverage their expertise in successful organizations.


Mulling Corporation prepares professionals and organizations for the future. We work with leading organizations that seek true partners in Talent Development to create lasting positive change.


All of our consultants have been Senior Level Executives for large-scale corporations and create a customized approach for each individual and team to excel in any work environment.

Mulling Corporation is not only the chosen talent management firm for prominent businesses large and small, it has also been chosen as the #1 Small Business A+ Employer-Best Places to Work in Atlanta by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Our specialization in Executive Coaching, Team Integration, Conflict Resolution, and Career Transition ensures that top companies remain leading innovators in their respective fields.

Top organizations are only as good as their people. We work with each individual to identify their unique talents and how they can best contribute to a thriving workplace. In this way, we are able to build bridges between companies and employees that last.

We work with companies that care about their employees and seek a partner in their talent development and HR strategy. Clients value our customized approach and our mission to bring excellence to every organization we work with and to the workforce as a whole.

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Providing HR Services to all Without the Cost

Mulling services hundreds of small, medium and large companies, including very large Fortune 500 Companies.

Why Clients Choose Mulling.

I have used the outplacement services of The Mulling Corporation. I am extremely pleased with the guidance and advice I have been given. Those with whom I have worked with are extremely professional and care about my success. I had a choice for outplacement services, and I chose Mulling Corporation.

Senior Human Resources Executive in the Healthcare Industry

My consultant is very professional and has really helped me refine my career search, while offering very useful direction each step of the way. As a result, I received several face-to-face interviews with high-quality companies in my industry (Healthcare), and one resulted in my receiving a very positive offer from Sempermed USA to become their Central Region Manager.

Central Region Manager with a Medical Device Company

To me, one of the most important things that The Mulling Corporation does is help you regain your self-respect and confidence after you leave an employer. At a time when you question everything about yourself and the career decisions you have made, The Mulling Corporation's consultants constantly remind you that you have value, you are competent, and you will find another opportunity as good as or better than what you had.

Senior Training Manager, Automotive Manufacturer

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